Tigo EI Residential Solar Solution Gets Certified by HECO for Hawaiian Market

Tigo can now offer solar solutions to meet the growing residential market in Hawaii. This is after the company’s solar products got approved and certified by HECO after meeting the requirements in Rule 14H. 

Tigo Energy has an Intelligence product line that is renowned for providing flexibility in the integrated system. This product line is not only easy to install but also quick to commission. It is also easy to maintain via the Tigo El mobile app, a platform that offers system diagnosis, energy production monitoring, and over-the-air software upgrades. Alternatively, it can be maintained through a browser-based program.

According to the senior vice president of Tigo Energy North American sales, Derek Noble, the islands have many quality and experienced installers working with homeowners. This indicates that the Hawaiian market is an indicator of the transition to renewable energy in the U.S. 

Noble went on to say that the Hawaiian solar market is among the most mature markets in the U.S. and Tigo takes pleasure in providing HECO-certified EI residential solar solutions. He was also quick to note this solar solution has been proven successful in other markets in the U.S. and Europe.

Therefore, the addition of a new 3.8 kW Tigo EI residential inverter will help to meet the demands Of Hawaii homeowners. This will also enable them to use the right size of solar panels and make the most of the solar-to-storage mix. 

When combined with the 7.6-kW and 11.4-kW, the 3.8-kW will offer high-efficiency energy that can be converted for home use or exported to the grid. The inverter can also be combined with Tigo TS4 MLPE products to offer optimization and monitoring at the module level. Plus, it can be joined with a home energy system. 

A good example is the Tigo EI battery, which serves as a load backup and offers energy bill management when it comes to time-of-use rate plans. Also, since Tigo offers warranties on all hardware, installers and homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that they can rely on the company’s support.

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