California-Based Company Offers Repairs for Solar Installs

Usually, most people consider solar arrays because they are marketed as a power source that can be set up without requiring additional maintenance. They are believed to generate electricity for at least 25 years.

However, according to California-based company, Forme Solar Electric, solar arrays are prone to fail at some point in their lifetime. Founded in 2017, the company was formed to provide solar repair services to solar system owners. They offer third-party repair services to help solar owners that are unable to schedule the service with the original installer. 

The company also responds to repair requests for systems installed by larger companies that are on the waitlist for a while. This is also true for systems whose original installer is out of business. 

According to Forme COO, Terry Kim, no one is willing to wait for months in order to get their car in optimal condition again. Similarly, there is a need to ensure accessible and better infrastructure for solar repair to get your solar system up and running again.

Kim said that the growth of the solar market has increased the demand for repairs, which she admits is a huge responsibility. She said that it is a bad thing to leave the customer feeling helpless when they can get results or their issues resolved by the utility company. Fortunately, Forme resolves these issues.

While doing the repairs, Forme repair technicians encountered a failure of the systems at the electrical level. Some of these include worn-out inverters, drooping wires, and breaking zip ties. Kim went on to say that many of the systems don’t break and the only thing that breaks is the wiring or the inverter.

Initially, Forme Solar Electric offered solar repairs like rewiring systems and replacing components. Later on, the company leveraged its experience in repairing solar arrays to add solar installation services. Today, Forme tackles 40% of solar repairs while 60% of the output is installation, with the company installing 3.2MW of solar in 2021.

Nick Duong, who is the Company’s co-founder and chief sales officer said that fixing systems is great for making business. However, Duong was quick to note that doing this severely lowers the profit margin. He also said that the company gets the most referrals for installations following quality repair services on solar systems.

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