FTC Solar Advances New Clamp For First Solar Thin-film Modules

FTC Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar power equipment, has developed a new single-axis tracker clamp for First Solar thin-film modules. The single-axis tracker clamp is a tool that helps to fasten the solar modules to the roof. The new clamping system can be used with First Solar’s commercial line of flat-shade solar panels and features a maximum tracking range of 10 degrees in both directions.

The company said that its new tracking system is designed to offer a high degree of accuracy and consistency during installation. It also allows the use of smaller hardware for easier installation and less impact on the ground.

FTC Solar said that its clamp was an improvement over existing systems in that it could easily be installed on any roof with a flat surface, including those with sloping surfaces. It also allowed for easy adjustment during installation and use.

The company said that it had tested the system at several sites around the US and Canada and found it worked well at all locations.

The device can be used in conjunction with any type of solar panel. It reduces the weight of the panel by as much as 50%, which allows for an increase in power output by an average of 10%. If left on, this clamp also reduces the need for supports or brackets, saving cost and time.

The user-friendly design is something that consumers should be on the lookout for because it makes this product ideal for multiple applications. The Tracker clamp is ideal for situations where you need to keep your modules on the ground during transport or storage but still need to have them ready when they are needed.

While the world is facing the problem of global warming, the demand for green energy is increasing rapidly, but the available resources are limited. Solar power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources. 

Solar tracker systems are used to track the position of the sun and use that information to power electrical equipment at different locations on a farm or on a factory’s roof. The system can also be used as a sensor in agriculture and irrigation systems.

FTC Solar, a solar tracker manufacturer, provides solar trackers with flexible mounting brackets and stainless steel shafts that can be adjusted to any angle, even vertical. Having an FTC Solar product might be the way to increase efficiency.

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