SunPower Unveils Two New Solar Storage Options

SunPower, a leading provider of solar power solutions, announced two new power capacity sizes for its SunVault energy storage system which will provide an alternative to conventional peaking plants, which operate at lower capacity factors and result in a greater cost.

SunPower has released two new power capacity sizes of its SunVault energy storage system, which will be available in the United States starting in 2023. The new models, 19.5-kWh and 39-kWh SunVault, are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of residential customers. Both systems provide energy storage capacity, making them ideal for demand response programs.

SunVault’s new models offer customers the flexibility to store excess solar power generated during the day, even when they are not using it themselves, and then use it at night when they need it. The summer months in the US call for more energy use, thus the need for an upgraded system that will serve consumers better. Both options are ideal for commercial users who want to store large amounts of electricity for use during peak periods such as hot summer days or cold winter nights.

The systems will come in handy to protect users against unexpected electricity blackouts. They can provide power backup to homes or businesses in an emergency and charge their batteries when they need them. With the mySunPower app, homeowners can now track their energy usage by knowing the available energy during the day which can be reserved for night use.

While we all know that these batteries can get worn out over time because of overcharging, these SunVault systems come with a 10-year warranty irrespective of how much battery will be drained.

This technology is designed to offer efficiency by reducing costs and eliminating waste, unnecessary parts, and defects.  Get ready for this innovation and be among the first to experience these benefits.

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