Efficiency Wins in New Charger-integrated Inverters for EVs

The rise of electric vehicles is a big deal. It’s not just about the convenience and emissions reductions, but also about how it could change the way we power our homes and businesses. In recent years, electric vehicle (EV) owners have been worried about their vehicles’ ability to run on solar power.  For an integrated solar EV system, many people are embracing the new inverter products that are available in the market.

Recent years have witnessed great innovations with the 2023 phase of inverters already in the market. GoodWe/GE’s GEH and SolarEdge’s EV Charging Single Phase Inverter are two such innovative products which have the charging cable directly inserted into the inverter, where the bracket can be mounted on the wall when it is idle. 

This creative idea will save consumers money and give them the capacity to control how they use energy. The biggest upper hand that these EV-integrated inverters have is the ease of installation. However, the installation costs will be a bit higher. Consumers should be prepared to part with about $1,000 to $4,000.

The other great advantage of these inverters is the ability to control the energy used. You don’t have to worry about electrical energy, especially at night when the sun is not available. Rather, the inverters will offer flexibility with vehicle-to-vehicle energy transfers at night. You don’t have to buy stationery energy storage but can instead rely on batteries which you can use as backup power.

With these great advantages, it will be a great match for the average person. EV charger users will enjoy this clever engineering with incremental energy. It’s time that consumers enjoy the efficiency that comes with using solar EVs systems full-time.

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