This is your SolarWakeup for February 14th, 2020

Happy Solar Valentine’s Day. What in solar makes your heart flutter right now? For me it’s earnings season and it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the companies that are public and the decisions they are making.

New Home No Brainer. As the California new home mandate rolls out, the market will discover how easy and cheap it is to put solar on a home while building it. Wait to see how many other States look at this and say, of course we should do that. More importantly, builders are going to realize that they don’t need a mandate to make it their standard process.

Doubtful With A Chance? Senators from both parties sat down with advocates of the carbon tax/carbon dividend. This is one of those policies that would be great to see but I have no idea how it would ever get into law. But here we are on Valentine’s Day, taking an arrow to the heart.

Change One Legislator, Change The Future.Virginia is about to pass its most prominent energy policy ever. All because voters and organizers moved the State legislature over to the other party. As an industry, we should be selfish this election season. SEIA should send out surveys to every candidate in America just like the Realtor’s do and the NRA does. They should also include the Solar Pledge in the survey for the candidates that want to stand with us and in return we will stand with them.


Best, Yann

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