Engie Africa brings off-grid power to more than four million people

ENGIE Africa is providing
off-grid power to 4 Million people through the development of three off-grid
energy companies: Fenix International, ENGIE Mobisol, and ENGIE PowerCorner.

independent electricity producerENGIE Africa announced last week
announced that it has accelerated its Access to Energy (A2E) strategy that it
launched in 2018 and is now providing energy to more than 4 million people in
nine countries (Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Benin, Côte
d’Ivoire, and Mozambique).

Africa said it was able to accomplish these electrification activities by
working with three companies: Fenix International, ENGIE Mobisol, and ENGIE

which was acquired by ENGIE in 2018, expanded its operations significantly in
2019. To date, it has sold more than 700,000 solar home systems that power 3.5
million people in rural communities across six countries. The company has recently
expanded to Mozambique in June 2019.

ENGIE also expanded its range
of solar home system solutions through the finalization of its acquisition of Mobisol
in October 2019. ENGIE Mobisol has operations in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya,
and has installed more than 150,000 solar home systems and counting in East

third company, ENGIE PowerCorner, is a mini-grid developer and operator which now
has 13 mini-grids in operation across Tanzania and Zambia, serving 15,000 customers.
This branch focuses on powering income-generating activities and productive
usages, increasing the economic welfare of its rural customers.

Yoven Moorooven, CEO of ENGIE
Africa, states “We strongly believe in the huge potential of the off-grid
electrification sector and that it will be instrumental in rapidly and
cost-effectively bridging energy gaps across Africa. ENGIE has an important
role to play in industrializing and scaling up the off-grid solar business. We
are keen to offer the lowest cost and best quality Access to Energy solution
that addresses our customers’ needs.”

is expanding its offerings beyond electrification to provide other products and
services including internet, water, productive appliances, clean cooking,
financial services, and products.

Universal electrification is
the seventh of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that the global
community has committed to achieve by 2030. ENGIE is confident that universal
access to energy is an achievable goal in the future.

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