SOLATEK Solar Ventilation Fan with Battery for Boat, Yacht, Camper, Home, White


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  • Fully powered by solar energy, very quiet and water resistant
  • Measuring 8.58″ diameter, outer height: 1.3″
  • Ventilation fan cut out diameter 4.73~5.12″
  • With IN/OFF/OUT switch and built-in rechargeable battery, after full charge in the day time, it can work 6-8 hours at night (with no sunlight), don’t worry if the fan is not working at the moment, after 2 days sunshine it will start spinning again.
  • Comes with intake, exhaust blade can move the air up to 1000 cu.ft. per hour when with sunlight and 900 cu.ft per hour at night


1.Powered by solar and work at both day and night

2. Having intake and exhaust blades

3. Air flow:900~1000 cu.ft./hour

4. Water resistant, no-noise, safe and pollution free.

5. To avoid heat arising and make the place comfortable.

6. To prevent damp and make the area with fresh air.

7. Easy installation


For caravans, yacht, boats, green houses, RVs, trucks, offices, home conservation, garage, dog house, kitchens, loft, farmhouse, barn, building, telephone boxes, mobile toilet


Outer diameter: 218 mm

Inner diameter: 118 mm

Installation depth: 50 mm

Outer height: 33 mm

Fan motor drive voltage: 2.4 V~3.8 V

Switch: IN-OFF-OUT

Battery: AA 1.2 V 1800 mA x 2pcs

Operation time: all day

Package content

1 set x screws

1 x solar ventilation fan

1 x installation manual

How to test when you received the solar vent fan?

  • Without battery version: take the solar vent out under the sunlight and turn the switch to either IN or OUT and wait for few seconds, the solar vent will start working.
  • With battery version: Turn the switch to IN or OUT see if it’s function.

Warm tips

1.The solar ventilation fan without battery version only works on daytime with sunlight, if your place is always with rainy day or with no sunlight, we would suggest you order the one with battery.

2.The solar vent fan is for small place such as yacht, boat, RV, trucks, dog house, vans, small greenhouse etc.. If your place is very big and wide then you will need more solar vent fan.

3.We suggest to install the solar vent horizontally and on a flat surface.


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